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Cabo’s lifestyle is as diverse as any other vacation destination – fine dining, nightlife, sporting activities and breathtaking vistas every day. Homes, timeshare condos, villas include dramatic views and all the amenities for very comfortable living.

Furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. are available as well as high-end jewellery such as Rolex watches, automobiles such as Cadillac, BMW and Hummer. Cabo San Lucas offers all the comforts for your new home.


Location: Los Cabos is located at the southern most tip of Baja California, Mexico, 1,000 miles south of Los Angeles. 30 miles south of the Tropic of Cancer. Los Cabos is on Mountain time.

Climate: Los Cabos enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate and has generally low humidity conditions similar to Palm Springs or Arizona. The cool breezes emanating from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean make Los Cabos a tropical paradise.
Annual average temperature: 78 degrees; days of sunshine annually: 340 plus; annual rainfall: 6" to 10" at sea level
November -July: Sunny, warm mild days, warm evenings, low humidity, little or no rainfall.
August- October: Sunny, hot days, warmer nights, humidity; rainy season.
Topography: Low lying desert by the sea, mountain peaks inland rising to 6,000 feet.

Check the current weather conditions in Cabo San Lucas now: http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/local/MXBS0135

Air Service: The international airport is located in San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) and receives up to 30 flights each day, most arriving from the United States. Travellers from Canada may fly a direct charter but most connect through either Los Angeles, Phoenix or Houston. Please check with your travel agent for flight information.

Entering Los Cabos: It is recommended that all travelers carry a valid passport; please contact your travel agent for further information.

Money: American dollars are widely accepted in Los Cabos; most restaurants, stores and hotels list prices in US funds. Mexican pesos can be obtained by cashing traveller's cheques or via ATM machines which are available at several locations around town.

Drinking age: The legal drinking age in Los Cabos is 18, identification is required at all times.



History of Los Cabos
The Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes first visited San Jose del Cabo in 1535. It was missionaries, however, rather than the conquistadors who first brought European civilization to the Baja peninsula and to a small village they named San Jose del Cabo. It took another 200 years before a Jesuit mission was finally built, in 1730, to win over the native Pericu Indians to Catholicism.

For the next 150 years, the villages of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas,a mere fishing outpost 25 miles closer to the Pacific Ocean, were provisioning stops for pirates awaiting passage of the Manila galleons. It is said that fortunes in gold and silver are still buried in the many coves and inlets between the two towns. In the 19th century, San Jose slowly evolved into a modest center of commerce for ships moving up and down the California coast.a

In the early 1900's, the area was a hard-to-reach fishing paradise for those who knew its treasures. By the 1950's, it had become a private retreat for Hollywood stars, international dignitaries, presidents and their guests. The region was then "rediscovered" in the late 1970's when the Mexican government focused on tourism as an income generator for the country.
In the 1980's, major hotels were planned and built for the Los Cabos tourist "corridor" or coastline road that ran the 25 miles between the towns of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. By the 1990's, Los Cabos had transformed itself from a fishing retreat to Mexico's premier resort golf destination, with six championship courses, 3,000 hotel rooms, daily non stop air service from major U.S. Cities, and some of the country´s most exclusive master-planned residential communities.

First discovered for its deep-sea fishing, Los Cabos quickly became known as the Marlin capital of the world. Today Los Cabos is lauded as Mexico’s number-one golf resort destination. This seaside paradise offers visitors a myriad of resort properties to chose from, an array of water sports and outdoor activities, miles and miles of pristine beaches, championship golf courses designed by the industry’s best, and shopping, dining and entertainment catering to all tastes.a
Los Cabos is comprised of two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo located about 20 miles apart and connected by a four-lane highway. The area between the two towns along the coastline is referred to as “the corridor” and is where all major golf resort developments are located.

Cabo San Lucas is a bustling tourist town with a 350-slip marina. The town is best known for its lively atmosphere, wide selection of restaurants and international cuisine, and the landmark rock formation, “El Arco”, where the Pacific Ocean joins with the Sea of Cortés.

San José del Cabo, a quaint colonial town with authentic Mexican architecture, is the cultural heart of Los Cabos. Streets here are lined with art galleries, cafes, boutiques and fine restaurants. San José is also known for its beautiful estuary, home to 150 species of birds.


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