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The Caboguy Visitor Forums are where we post contributions from our visitors, friends, and locals from Cabo San Lucas on various subjects.

Once approved the postings give an opportunity for visitors to express themselves on various subjects. To post a photo and/or short note, please send it as email or as an attached document to an email to: ask@caboguy.com

All contributions are
welcome and encouraged!

Hola, I’m Caboguy…a transplanted Canuck who’s been in Cabo since 1993 and wants to share with you some of the fun things to see, do and experience here. I remember my first trips when I didn’t know my way around and how everyone made me feel welcome. The best advice I have is to enjoy yourself, all those around you and take home wonderful memories of your visit. If you see my tattoo, you’ll know that you’ve met Caboguy.


Caboguy & Kelsey (Ducky's Idol winner)
Hey Cabo Guy!
I just want everyone to know that Brian is the man! He introduced my boyfriend and I to some great people, recommended some awesome places to eat and hangout, not to mention we had a wicked few nights partying like rock stars! Thanks for everything ... Kelsey Raine and Chad Martin
Posted by the cabo guy
Pat Beech & Satoko
Pat & his lovely lady had a special time in Cabo...at least Pat knows who the best driver is!! I expect to see them back here many times, perhaps even to live here soon.
Posted by the cabo guy
Lynnette & Steve

Visitors from Calgary who had a few hours here in Cabo off their cruise ship - of course, we met @ Rip's Bar then to Uno Mas then back to the ship they went!
Posted by the cabo guy
Rocky & Jen from Texas
We met you and Cindy at Rip's a couple of weeks ago, and just wanted to tell you that it was nice to do so! You gave us your business card, so I just checked out your website. Good job, man - it looks great! We'll be back down there in January 2010 (which is entirely too far off in the future), and hopefully we will run into you at good ol' Rip's again. In the meantime, best wishes to you and yours! Enjoy Cabo!
Posted by the cabo guy

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