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The Caboguy Visitor Forums are where we post contributions from our visitors, friends, and locals from Cabo San Lucas on various subjects.

Once approved the postings give an opportunity for visitors to express themselves on various subjects. To post a photo and/or short note, please send it as email or as an attached document to an email to: ask@caboguy.com

All contributions are
welcome and encouraged!

Hola, I’m Caboguy…a transplanted Canuck who’s been in Cabo since 1993 and wants to share with you some of the fun things to see, do and experience here. I remember my first trips when I didn’t know my way around and how everyone made me feel welcome. The best advice I have is to enjoy yourself, all those around you and take home wonderful memories of your visit. If you see my tattoo, you’ll know that you’ve met Caboguy.


"Cabo's got it all...nightlife, great food, Rip's Bar for the best drinks in town, sandy beaches and CaboGuy! This is the best Cabo website out there! Hasta la vista amigos!"
Posted by the cabo guy
John Olney

Excellent site. Great job.

Besides driving Dennis, I've been redefining my Website: click here:

John Olney
Posted by The Cabo Guy
June Smith
Hi Brian,
Well, better late than never...........I guess! I just found this email and looked at your web site. WELL DONE! This is a good job.

Thanks for sharing,
Posted by The Cabo Guy
My last message didn´t go through, but the website looks awesome! Now I really have to get off my butt and start to work on mine ...

Posted by The Cabo Guy

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