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The Caboguy Visitor Forums are where we post contributions from our visitors, friends, and locals from Cabo San Lucas on various subjects.

Once approved the postings give an opportunity for visitors to express themselves on various subjects. To post a photo and/or short note, please send it as email or as an attached document to an email to: ask@caboguy.com

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Hola, I’m Caboguy…a transplanted Canuck who’s been in Cabo since 1993 and wants to share with you some of the fun things to see, do and experience here. I remember my first trips when I didn’t know my way around and how everyone made me feel welcome. The best advice I have is to enjoy yourself, all those around you and take home wonderful memories of your visit. If you see my tattoo, you’ll know that you’ve met Caboguy.


Stan & Shelly
Hey Cabo Guy, me and Shelly remember it well. We enjoyed talking to you. We ended up at Rips almost every night we were there. I think that's the best place in town.

Your website looks great, I have it bookmarked. We live in Ohio and it's finally starting to warm up, however next January we'll be looking for you at Rip's.

See ya,
Stan and Shelly
Posted by The Cabo Guy
Sam & Hailey
-A one of a kind oasis in the desert. When I need to relax and recharge my batteries Cabo is the place to go.

-The Holel Mar de Cortez is my favorite, the price can't be beat, the pool is cool and deep and you are right around the block from the nightlife, but not so close that you hear it. The staff is very friendly and the in-hotel restaurant Spencers is tasty for breakfast.

-A quick 2 hour flight out of Nevada or LA and you are there! Celebrity spotting is a daily activity on the beach or at Rip's bar! Do anything you want: have a romantic holiday, go on a shopping spree or party all night long. And remember " What happens in Cabo, Stays in Cabo!"

Posted by The Cabo Guy

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