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The Caboguy Visitor Forums are where we post contributions from our visitors, friends, and locals from Cabo San Lucas on various subjects.

Once approved the postings give an opportunity for visitors to express themselves on various subjects. To post a photo and/or short note, please send it as email or as an attached document to an email to: ask@caboguy.com

All contributions are
welcome and encouraged!

Hola, I’m Caboguy…a transplanted Canuck who’s been in Cabo since 1993 and wants to share with you some of the fun things to see, do and experience here. I remember my first trips when I didn’t know my way around and how everyone made me feel welcome. The best advice I have is to enjoy yourself, all those around you and take home wonderful memories of your visit. If you see my tattoo, you’ll know that you’ve met Caboguy.


the Girls at Rip's Bar
We had a blast there with you and it was great to get to meet Rip too.
We will definitely be back next year the same week in November and will be sure to look you up and of course we will hang out at Rip's A LOT since it's our favorite place!
Posted by the cabo guy
the Boys a-fishin'
Three guys ventured out fishing one day and No, no big Sun Fish but we did have fun and no more 'skunk' references!!
Posted by the cabo guy
Liz, Maddie, John at Rip's
Liz made me a couple of tequila drinks from which I got VERY good-looking!
Liz can be a celebrity bartender at Rip's anytime!
They visit Cabo every year to their timeshare at Cabo Villas.
Posted by the cabo guy
Sandy & Cabogal
Sandy is our good friend from Calgary and just finished her third visit here -she loves to relax and on occasion, hit the town dancing and singing...for a singer, her dancing is pretty good.
Posted by the cabo guy

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