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Ask the Cabo Guy !

Josephine is an incredible yacht now available for year round charter in Cabo San Lucas. This stunning vessel, gleams with design details and offers unparalleled luxury. It is obvious that Josephine is first class from the moment you step aboard.

Sunset cruises and whale watching excursions are also available.

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ask@caboguy.com for information and bookings

Pisces Fleet: Caboguy.com has an executive association with Pisces Fleet for all of your fishing and cruising needs. Pisces has been established in Cabo San Lucas for the past 25 years and is known for its consistency in catch rates and customer satifaction. Known for its conservation efforts, Pisces has been honored with the Group Achievement Award and recognized on numerous occasions by the Billfish Foundation and the International Game Fish Association for releasing the most striped marlin on a world-wide basis.

Pisces has over 25 boats of sizes ranging from 28' fishers to yachts of over 100', all available for daily or longer rentals. Freezing, vacuum packing and taxidermy services can also be arranged. For a truly memorable experience on the water, Pisces will provide the utmost in service and performance.

Caboguy.com has established executive connections with the businesses below to offer our guests a variety of interesting opportunities for investment, participation and travel.

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